What to Expect on a Weekly Basis

1. Christian Academy Bible College

Here students are challenged to grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, have a greater understanding of Biblical principles, and then make this knowledge applicable in their every life.

2. Kingdom Care Group

This is our weekly Bible Study where we come together as a Church body to learn key Biblical principles that help strengthen the believer in their everyday walk through practical teaching from the Bible and keys on how to study the Bible for themselves in order to thrive, the way God intended.

3. Prayer

We realize that prayer is the key to maintain constant communication with God and we know that it is only through the key of Prayer that things will change in the believers everyday life and those around them. We can not do what we do without the powerful tool of prayer and intercession and we encourage every believer to pray.


4. Evangelism

Our responsibility is to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who otherwise may not know. This Gospel is to be taken to the streets of DC, MD, VA and ultimately the ends of the world.

“Whatever you are endeavoring to do, just know, God will back you up!”